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so i reserved bob morley for caelan bc lol as much as i sorta h8 the 100 i love his dumb face so. here we are. anyway. his sister is still very much needed and i’m gonna be boring and say that it’d be awesome if her pb was marie avgeropoulos (if she isn’t rserved of course) bc, well, reasons

ok some low rent character blurb for you guise

caelan priestly. twenty-six to eight. grifter. stray. 

  • caelan more or less lives by the motto “adapt or die”. he’s been on his own, raising himself and his sister, since he was, like, fifteen years old or some shit. he knows how to take care of himself and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep his sister safe. 
  • seriously his sister is all that matters to him. he’d do anything, hurt anyone, for her. she’s the only thing that’s important in this world and he’d burn the whole damn planet down just to prove it. 
  • since losing their mom cae and his sister have been slumming it, tramping across the country, settling down for a little bit before moving on when they gather too much heat, and then picking up again. they’ve probs been in ny for only a month or so and caelan’s thinking of putting down some kind of roots so his sister will know some stability in her lifetime. plus she’s sort of getting restless and trying to break away more and more from him and the thought of his sister leaving him scares caelan more than anything. 
  • cae is a scrapper. he’s violent and volatile and extremely paranoid and distrusting. he tries to avoid people as much as possible outside of grifting because they put him on edge and he seriously loathes most of them, even people he hasn’t formally met. growing up poor and vulnerable as a kid has made him intensely obsessed with being anything but as an adult. he’s gone about fighting back the whole entire wrong way, but it works for him and his sister so cae has a hard time feeling bad about it.

ok ok i’ll post my character idea thing whatever now before i nap. look at me being all productive and shit.

so basically i rly rly rly want like an orphaned brother and sister duo. they’re strays who just kind of go from one place to the next, grifting and whatever to make ends meet. they’re super codependent and possessive of one another (brother maybe more so than sister??) and like idk their relationship is volatile and they love and hate each other in equal measure and like maybe there’s some dramz with how their mom died or something?? idk idk. if anyone is interested def send me an ask!!

all right ok i guess we’re doing this

name: bea
age: twenty-two
timezone: pacific
top 3 otps: would u believe me if i said i don’t rly have any??
song-based plot you’ve always wanted: sdfdkngdg omg srsly too many to name
favorite place you’ve ever been: it’s a tie between mount rainier and long beach, washington. i love nature apparently 
rp craving: yeeugh omg this is a lot of pressure how do you words???