bitch get out
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omg my app is going to be so long i’m so sorry to whoever has to read it omg

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hey hey hey if anyone is still looking to make a character i’m just saying the youngest garrity bro is open maybe with max thieriot or boyd holbrook idk if i spelled those right or if they’re available but as long as they are blonde and pretty they’ll fit right in ok bye *twirls out of the tag*

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declan garrity.

brother. husband. father. soldier. addict.

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where do y’all find these pics for mood boards n shit?

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thinking about doing a trio of brothers a la the outsiders. i’m also thinking i’d like to take the middle one, so if anyone is interested in taking the eldest or the youngest hmu. 

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  • alias: bea like bay-uh not bee or bee-uh
  • where did you start roleplaying: oh my gosh proboards? or sum shit idek friends
  • time zone: pst
  • favorite plots: anything angst-y i legit can do little else it’s awful really
  • favorite musician, movie, book: asjkdf idk tbh. bastille or florence + the machine for musician? movie? emmmm eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, the fox and the hound?? BOOK??? oh gosh oh gosh idk IDK. the book thief? jellicoe road??
  • favorite tv show: tv sux tbh but currently i’m watching the tomorrow people and ahs: coven every wednesday both are ruining my life in separate but equal ways SOMEBODY SEDATE ME
  • favorite or first site: couldn’t remember my first site if my life depended on it, but my fav site was probs this college/greek life site i cannot remember the name of oops
  • favorite character you’ve ever made: oh shit idk. maybe quinn… quinn something? i have a horrible memory obvs.
  • pancakes or waffles: french toast!!!
  • best holiday movie: ummmmmmmm a christmas story
  • favorite picture of beyonce: 
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